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Leg Pain/Ulcers


Leg pain, with or without ulcers, can have a variety of potential causes including: poor circulation due to age, poor blood flow to your feet from the arteries, or poor blood flow back to the heart from the veins. Poor circulation is the predominant cause of leg pain.

Since leg pain can be caused by both problem veins and problem arteries, Dr. Akinwande is expertly trained and well-equipped to handle both these causes. Unlike other vein centers that primarily focus on venous insufficiency, or vein disease, MINT also has the necessary materials to address peripheral arterial disease, or problem arteries. This allows us to treat your blood flow in both directions and thoroughly address your circulation issue.

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  • Venous Insufficiency (Vein Disease)
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD)


Our expertise and training in the latest treatments for vein and arterial disease allows Dr. Akinwande and his team to perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause of your pain. Your treatment will then revolve around addressing this cause. If you are suffering from leg pain, varicose veins, or ulcers, seeking early treatment will prevent long-term, irreversible consequences like amputations.

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