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St. Louis, MO


Specialists in vascular, endovascular and interventional radiology treatments In St Louis, MO

Welcome to the Midwest Institute for Non-Surgical Therapy (MINT). As a dedicated vein center, artery specialist, and interventional radiology provider here in St Louis, MO, we help patients with various vascular and endovascular conditions and much more.

Located just twenty minutes from downtown St Louis on North Forty Drive, Dr. Akinwande and his team use the latest non-surgical outpatient techniques to restore vascular health.

With treatments like:

St Louis patients get the care they need using innovative, minimally invasive procedures. The results are improved vein health with little-to-no downtime or major surgical intervention.

Board-certified Interventional Radiologist in St Louis, MO  

In addition to being a specialist in vascular and endovascular diseases, Dr. Akinwande is also a board-certified interventional radiologist. Ultimately, he can also treat many other conditions, including:

 All treatments are highly effective and safe and use innovative and proven embolization techniques to eradicate or shrink problem causes.

Need vein treatment in St Louis, MO?  

In addition, our fully equipped vein center here in St Louis, MO, is ready to help with all types of vein-related conditions. These range from common problems like unsightly spider and varicose veins to potentially serious conditions like chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and other deep vein issues.

Once we’ve diagnosed your condition, we’ll tailor a bespoke treatment plan to restore health and improve your quality of life using safe and effective outpatient techniques.

PAD treatment in St Louis, MO

Peripheral artery disease affects somewhere between 8-12 million people in the US, so if you are experiencing one or more of the signs and symptoms of PAD like:

  • painful cramping in the lower limbs,
  • aching legs after walking, or
  • leg numbness or weakness,

the team at Mint in St Louis, MO, can help.

We use ground-breaking techniques like atherectomy and mesh stenting to remove plaque build-up and open the artery.

In addition, we’re a recognized amputation prevention clinic, meaning that we take early steps to screen, access, diagnose, and treat your condition.

Want to know more? Schedule a consultation with our artery specialist in St Louis, Mo.

Vein, vascular and interventional radiology treatment – The bottom line

Here at MINT St Louis, we’re passionate about vascular health, which shows in our holistic and patient-focused care. Using pioneering, non-surgical techniques, our clinicians strive to restore your vascular health and quality of life with minimal fuss, surgical intervention, or downtime.

Remember, you don’t have to suffer from vein and vascular problems or musculoskeletal aches and pains. Instead, schedule an appointment today with Dr. Akinwande and his team at MINT, St Louis.


Saint Louis Office

  • 12855 North Forty Drive
    Suite 205
    St. Louis, MO 63141

  •  Phone: 314-623-8346




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