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How To Hide Varicose Veins In The Summer Using Five Easy Hacks

So, the summer’s in full swing and it’s time to get into that short cotton dress or loose-fitting pair of shorts; but for many women with varicose veins, displaying their pins can seem like a daunting ordeal. Of course, it’s easy to resign yourself to a lifetime of trousers or longer dresses but should you really give up all hope of baring your legs to the world?

If you’re feeling somewhat despondent and don’t want to cover your legs up forever, we’re here to help. In this post we’ll talk about how to effectively hide your varicose veins in the summer, using these five easy hacks.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

#1 – Find a great varicose vein concealer

A good concealer is your best friend when you have venous conditions like varicose veins. In the same way concealer is used to cover up skin blemishes, it’s also great for problem veins. Consider a peach-colored concealer because it neutralizes the blue color of veins while disguising them easier. Celebrity make-up artists employ this trick frequently for clients using a quality corrector and concealer.

As a top tip, choose a waterproof product and spread it evenly over your legs, rather than just the problem area. The result is a natural coverage and a flawless, vein-free look.

#2 Get an instant tan

Like concealer, self-tanning products are designed to cover up blemishes but will also give you a healthy glow to boot. For best results, opt for a good waterproof one that stays on all day and apply evenly and sparingly all over the legs using a sweeping motion with a tanning mitt. Applying self-tan in this manner diminishes the possibility of getting those unsightly zebra-streaks.  

#3 – Embrace the airbrush

Airbrush leg makeup is a cross between a concealer and a self-tanning lotion and can help reduce the appearance of unwanted bumps and blemishes like those caused by smaller spider veins or varicose veins. To apply, spray it on the affected area from a distance in a sweeping motion and use fingers to gently blend.

It’s worth noting that these kinds of products are not designed to conceal larger varicose veins but instead, they provide a temporary and workable solution for smaller or less predominant veins that you want to conceal during the summer. 

#4 – It’s all about compression

Compression therapy is the recommended way of managing existing veins while not allowing them to expand further. If you want to find out more about compression stockings and how compression therapy works, check out our blog on the subject. 

Invariably, no matter how good compression stockings are, they probably aren’t the first thing you think about when dressing for summer. Surprisingly though, they’ve come a long way from the unflattering garments of yesteryear. Nowadays, it’s possible to be both stylish and cool while wearing compression socks or stockings.

Shorter dresses and skirts can look amazing with knee-high compression socks, but if that’s not your bag, consider skin-colored waist-high compression stockings. These are great if you’re adept at wearing pantyhose as modern compression varieties are thin and stylish and can be a seamless transition.

Oh, and if you’re stuck for ideas about how to wear pantyhose (tights) with shorter dresses or skirts, then why not try skin-tone or nude compression stockings with a pair of high-waisted shorts? Fashionistas suggest the neutral tone of the stockings contrasts exceptionally well with a whole host of flowery designs. So get creative and don’t be afraid to be bold.

#5 – Talk to a vein specialist

The last and final hack on how to hide your varicose veins in the summer is to talk to a vein specialist. Granted this isn’t an immediate-fix solution but it does tackle the cause of the problem rather than hiding or covering the issue over.

Some people have varicose veins that never get any bigger or cause any problems while others experience venous problems that cause considerable discomfort. For this latter group, a visit to a vein doctor is particularly beneficial.

Endovascular and vascular specialists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders including varicose veins, spider veins and chronic vein insufficiency (CVI). Most offer cutting-edge treatment designed to eradicate vein problems with minimal fuss and many treatments are carried out chairside in an outpatient setting, so recovery time is minimal.

As a result, before long, you could be enjoying the remainder of the summer months without having to worry about vein concealment at all.

Don’t let your varicose veins get the better of you this summer!

Hopefully, we’ve given you several easy ways to hide your varicose veins this summer, so if you do feel like slipping into something less flouncy and feel like giving your legs an outing, give them a try.

Alternatively, if your varicose veins are unsightly or are causing pain or discomfort, contact Dr Akinwande and his team at the Midwest Institute of Non-Surgical Therapy (MINT)

Dr. A. uses the latest non-surgical and non-invasive treatments like Sclerotherapy, Vein Ablation and VenaSeal to treat varicose veins with minimal fuss.

Do you need relief from leg pain or unsightly veins? Call a MINT office near you or schedule an appointment online today!


Photo attribution: image by Mary Markevich on Freepik




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