Why Leg Vein Problems Can Be Hard To Recognise

Many people give little or no attention to visible leg veins and this is understandable. It could be that veins have gradually become present over the years and because of this people will often put it down to subtle cosmetic changes or simply signs of growing old. In some cases, they don’t cause any problems or discomfort and even when they do, discomfort is very sporadic as it comes and goes – a bit like a toothache.  Inevitably, we just deal or put up with it until such times as we can’t anymore.

For many people, this can often mean years of endless suffering and the sudden realization that perhaps they should have been treated many moons ago when their veins first became visible. So for most people, It’s realizing that there’s a problem that remains the hardest part.

Are Bulging Veins Necessary Prior to Feeling Symptoms?

Here at the Midwest Institute of Non-Surgical Therapy (MINT) people often ask us if visible veins always occur before experiencing leg vein problems. In a word no!

You can develop symptoms without any of the classic signs of building veins. These symptoms include:

As you can see leg vein problems are numerous and patients can develop one or more symptoms. However, they can take a long time to develop – often over a number of years.

What Happens if Leg Vein Problems Aren’t Treated Immediately?

For most people, nothing will happen if varicose veins are not treated immediately. However both the symptoms and the visibility of any veins will continue to get worse and in some cases, when varicose veins become more prominent, they may bleed severely when caught causing skin darkening and hardening.

In addition, they can cause a skin breakdown known as a venous ulcer but also varicose veins are thought to have an association with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) – a very serious condition. For these reasons alone, leg vein problems should really be dealt with.

If you reside in the Kirkwood, Bridgetown, Creve Coeur, or St Louis areas of Missouri and are concerned about leg pain, discomfort, or unsightly varicose veins, then come and talk to the team at MINT. Dr. Goke Akinwande is a highly respected physician in vein health and offers a comprehensive range of contemporary and proven non-surgical treatments that will alleviate any discomfort or unsightly veins. Don’t suffer in silence, book a consultation with the team at MINT today

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